Black and White Photography - Page 7

City of London Dragon

City of London Dragon:Black and White Photo-578

City of London Dragon in a puddle.

Feet and Fiona Banner’s Jaguar

Feet and Fiona Banner’s Jaguar:Black and White Photo-571

I've been to Tate Britain to see the exhibition of Fiona Banner.
The highly polished surface of her Jaguar reflects the visitor’s feet.

50's Fashion

50's Fashion:Black and White Photo-559

I came across this 50's wedding bride in London.

A Moment in Time

A Moment  in Time:Black and White Photo-558

Where ever I am,
What ever I do,
Time will just pass me by...

Watching You

Watching You:Black and White Photo-549

I am watching you...
like my dad used to watching me...