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Reflection in a picture frame

Reflection in a picture frame:Black and White Photo-651

I have been to a exhibition of photography taken by Vivian Maiyer at London Street Photography Festival

Neal Street, London

Neal Street, London:Black and White Photo-648

I recognized Alex Zane in one of picture from I took this day...
It's not the best, but here it is.

Royal Wedding - Kate and William

Royal Wedding - Kate and William:Black and White Photo-643

I have been standing there for a long time before I captured this between a waving flag and a raised camera front of me.
The newly married Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

BSA Gold Star

BSA Gold Star:Black and White Photo-638

BSA Gold Star

Small Charlie Chaplin

Small Charlie Chaplin:Black and White Photo-636

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