Black and White Photography - Page 3

Enlish house near river thames

Enlish house near river thames:Black and White Photo-742

This house is close to where I live, and I have passed this house many times but I have never stop to take a picture until yesterday.

Lake District

Lake District:Black and White Photo-741

It was not ideal weather to do landscape photography.

Hay bale dry on field, England

Hay bale dry on field, England:Black and White Photo-740

The bales of hey reminds me of a Japanese sweets shaped like them.

Black cat in Venice Italy

Black cat in Venice Italy:Black and White Photo-734

The first black and white photo I have posted to this site was back in 2007, and this site has been abandoned since the last posted photo in 2014.
More than ten years later since I'v started, I came back here and I rebuilt this site.
This black cat photo is an old photo, but I will be posting more black and white photos I have captured recent years.

Cobblestone side road in Richmond

Cobblestone side road in Richmond:Black and White Photo-733

The cobblestone side road to River Thames.