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493 images of Black and white photography. Photography by Nobuyuki Taguchi.

109 Hackney Road, London in 2014

109 Hackney Road, London in 2014:Black and White Photo-753

Hackney in 2014. This building is now demolished and the landscape has been changed yet again.

Street Performers at Covent Garden

Street Performers at Covent Garden:Black and White Photo-752

People gather at Covent Garden and enjoying the street performance done by Dr. Philistine.
He asked me to help him culming up the rope.

Hikers on Pen y Fan

Hikers on Pen y Fan:Black and White Photo-751

I have visited and enjoyed Pen y Fan over the summer.
This mountain is one of the most popular hikes in Wales Brecon Beacons, and many hikers visited this summer as well. Sadly this mountain has closed for visitors as the number of Covid-19 case increased in September 2020

Borough Maket, London

Borough Maket, London:Black and White Photo-750

I have not visited Borough Maket since Covid-19 restrictions in March 2020.
I know the atmosphere of London has changed so much... the way I am not preferred.

Abingdon County Hall Museum

Abingdon County Hall Museum:Black and White Photo-749

A frame within a frame.
The Arch Gate of Abingdon County Hall Museum