Black and White Photography of People

Black and White Photography of People by Nobuyuki Taguchi photographer based in London

Feel down Photo663Pearly Kings and Queens Photo647Pippa Middleton Photo644Royal Wedding - Kate and William Photo643Kate Middleton makes her way to Westminster Abbey Photo642The Commemoration of Charles I’s execution 2011 Photo622The Commemoration of Charles I’s execution Photo621Politicians who can send soldiers to a war Photo610Prince Charles at Remembrance Day Photo609the piece of art Photo601People gathered for The Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo586People visiting to Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo585Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo584Lunchtime at Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo583By the windows Photo582People at Colville Garden W11 Photo580Flexible Women Photo572Naked Bike Ride Photo563A Moment  in Time Photo558Watching You Photo549Photo532Morris Dance Photo529Kid who pays on the pavement, London Brick Lane Photo525Self Portrait Photo522Playing Carrom in Brick Lane Photo517A Smoker at The Tottenham Photo509Royal Guard Photo507Selling roasted chestnuts Photo477Juggling Balls Photo473Staring Photo471Autumn leaves Photo469Lunch at Covent Garden, London Photo465Having a glimpse Photo458Michael Jackson fan shows off his tattoo Photo447London Street Performer Photo442Wayne Rooney Poster and a tourist Photo440Boys in Whitstable Town, England Photo439Street performers in Covent Garden Piazza Photo434Girl with soap bubbles Photo428A man plays bottleneck blues Photo422Under the sky Photo418The Cavalry Old Comrades Association Parade in London's Hyde Park Photo414Bicycle by the River Thames, Richmond Photo409Jordan (Katie Price) and Peter Andre at London Marathon 2009 Photo406Sammy Wanjiru sets London marathon record Photo403Wedding Day in Devon Photo401Running Kai Photo400London Photographers Photo397London G20 demonstration - Placards Photo394London G20 protesters Photo392London G20 protester smash the Royal Bank of Scotland windows Photo390London G20 demonstration Photo388Engraver - Mr Ward Photo379Looking down over Westminster Bridge Photo375Kid looking at Royal Guard Photo373Street Musician in London Town Photo370Wedding Photography at Ealing Town Hall in London Photo349Lord Mayor's Show Year 2008 Photo343Wedding Day Photo342Tightrope walking violin player Photo340A walk in the morning fog, England Photo335Sky Sports London Freewheel 2008 Photo331The Great River Race 2008 - Dragon Boat Photo322Kamiyui Photo315Mrs Gill Hicks walks - Leeds to London Photo312People who dress like nun - London Photo311Street Artist in Covent Garden London III Photo306Street Artist in Covent Garden London II Photo305Street Artist in Covent Garden London Photo304Flamenco on the street Photo300The Sun Photo297Photo296Photo295Provocative Man Photo292Palestinian Demo Photo291i NO OIL ! Photo287World Naked Bike Ride London 2008 Photo286Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince William Photo284Trooping the Colour 2008 Photo283London Police Photo277Next Page

Recent Black & White Photos

Photo-Royal Wedding - Kate and William

Royal Wedding - Kate and William-Black and White Photo643

I have been standing there for a long time before I captured this between a waving flag and a raised camera front of me.
The newly married Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

Photo-People gathered for The Notting Hill Carnival 2010

People gathered for The Notting Hill Carnival 2010-Black and White Photo586

I’ve compiled photos I took during the Notting Hill Carnival and created a slideshow using iPhoto.
Please turn on the HD mode and your speaker when you watch it.

People gathered for The Notting Hill Carnival 2010 from Nobuyuki Taguchi on Vimeo.

Photo-A Moment in Time

A Moment  in Time-Black and White Photo558

Where ever I am,
What ever I do,
Time will just pass me by...

Photo-Watching You

Watching You-Black and White Photo549

I am watching you...
like my dad used to watching me...

Photo-Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls-Black and White Photo473

She told me...
"You are trying to juggle too many balls"
another guy told her.
"He has only two balls."



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