Fisheye lens - Natural History Museum in London
Black and White Photography-310

Fisheye lens - Natural History Museum in London Black and White Photo310

Exif Info

Exposure Time
3.0 sec
F Number
Date Time Original
2008:08:09 00:00:00

lens used

Ai AF Fisheye Nikkor 16mm F2.8D

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Title : Fisheye lens - Natural History Museum in London

This photo was taken using Ai AF Fisheye-Nikkor 16mm F2.8D with Nikon D3. I used to use this lens with Nikon F5 and I was not so happy to use it with D2X because it was the DX-Format camera. Now I can use this lens whit D3 in the FX-format, and it works well in the environment like this "Natural History Museum" indoor photo shooting.

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Amazing place, breathtaking photo

a w e s o m e !!

Hi Nobuyuki. I am really impressed with this photo especially the tone of the photo. If you don't mind, could you give me (by email) the steps detail to make photo look like this?
Thanks in advanced.

One of my favourite pictures of 'the office'!

Thanks - Ian

Hi David. I did not use tripods. The camera was sat on the top of barrier wall which you can see in the picture on the bottom right. I used a part of my bag as a wedge for tilting my camera.

I saw this picture in the June 2010 issue of Digital SLR User Magazine. I love it! However, I don't believe tripods are allowed in the Natural History Museum, yet I notice you managed to use a 3 second exposure. Did you manage to take a tripod in, or did you find some other way to keep the camera steady?

This is amazing. Nice work!

I want to work with this image or I will take my own. I need detail on quality. Please contact me about buying the original frame and Copy Right.



would love to have this picture displayed in my flat, What are the chances of me getting hold of a copy to frame?

Brilliant work! One of my favorite photographs ever! Bravo!!

I was wondering if you u would want to sell prints of this.. my husband and i saw this picture and wanted a good size copy for our livingroom wall :) Let me know


This picture features in the article "Eye for a difference" published on Amateur Photographer magazine (Saturday 23rd May 2009)
Amateur Photographer Magazine May 2009

If you made this a poster, I would buy it

This picture featured in this week's Amateur Photographer magazine and is what drew me to this site. Very reminiscent of an Escher drawing. Love he way that the central staircase looks 'normal' while the rest of the building bends around it.

I really enjoy your pictures! They remind me of a perfect mixture of Ansel Adams, and M.C. Escher. Keep up the great work!

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