Black and White Photography

472 images of black and white photography by Nobuyuki Taguchi photographer based in London

Previous PageBig Ben London Photo592Padlock and Chains Photo590A man at South Bank Photo589Joy Ride Tower Photo588AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G Photo587People gathered for The Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo586People visiting to Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo585Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo584Lunchtime at Notting Hill Carnival 2010 Photo583By the windows Photo582People at Colville Garden W11 Photo580Parkour in London Photo579City of London Dragon Photo578Running Man Photo577Walking Figures in London Photo575Saxophone Player in London Photo574People at South Bank National Theatre in London Photo573Flexible Women Photo572Feet and Fiona Banner’s Jaguar Photo571Fisheye Lens - St Paul's Cathedral Photo567London Psychedelic Look Photo564Naked Bike Ride Photo563Tea Break Photo56250's Fashion Photo559A Moment  in Time Photo558Running through the fountain Photo556Man crossing the Old Compton Street Photo552Old Compton Street, London Photo551London businessman on the move Photo550Watching You Photo549London Eye Photo548St Paul's Cathedral and Millennium Bridge Photo547Tower Bridge, London Photo546London in mono Photo544Tram and People of Milan Italy Photo542At Duomo Milano Photo541Reflection of Duomo Milano Photo540Footprints Photo538Man reflected in a glass Photo537At front of National Gallery Photo536Ice Cream Van Photo535Cool Britannia in Tea Break Photo534Merrygoround Photo533Photo532Morris Dance Photo529Jewellery Robbery in Richmond Photo52761-75 Alie Street London E1 Photo526Kid who pays on the pavement, London Brick Lane Photo525Anti Gordon Brown poster by Tories Photo523Self Portrait Photo522The Golden Heart, Pub in London Photo520Playing the accordion in Brick Lane Photo519Graffitis in Brick Lane Photo518Playing Carrom in Brick Lane Photo517St Patrick's Day Festival London 2010 Photo515St Patrick's Day Parade London 2010 Photo514Man walking down the street Photo513The Rover P4 Photo512Photo511Richmond Bridge 1908 Photo510A Smoker at The Tottenham Photo509Somerset House Photo508Royal Guard Photo507Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter Photo505Chinese New Year Lion Dance Photo500Ai AF Nikkor 28mm F1.4D Photo498Short's Gardens WC2 Photo497Covent Garden Market Photo496Wedding at Cambridge Photo494Cambridge Photo492The Way Home Photo490Snowing in Richmond Park Photo489City Hall, London Photo488Big Ben and Thames river Photo487Richmond river side Photo486Fleet Street, London Photo485London Wedding Photography Photo483Kids by Thames River near Richmond Photo480U R 18 Photo479Selling roasted chestnuts Photo477Next Page

Recent Photos

Photo-View from Trafalgar Square

View from Trafalgar Square-Black and White Photo701

It's inspired by Kaushal Parikh Photography

Photo-Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle-Black and White Photo700

I'v been to Warwick Castle over the bank holiday.

Photo-Back to back

Back to back-Black and White Photo682

I'm taking pictures nowadays, however this is from last year.

Photo-When Snow Falls

When Snow Falls-Black and White Photo680

I wish I could have taken more shots that day...

Photo-Richmond December 2011

Richmond December 2011-Black and White Photo673

It is December and Christmas is just around corner.



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